Ouroboros Registration System

Ouroboros is an initiative by the TAMUhack Team to create an registration system for hackathon participants.

I am responsible for both designing and developing the interface and interactions for this project.

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Background Information

Ouroboros is one of our initiatives to reduce reliance on external services and save on costs. It is built using a Django backend and Boostrap 4.0 frontend.

Some important features include:

  • Login/signup authentication
  • Application submission
  • Mass email sending capabilities
  • Team matching
  • QR-scanning mobile application
  • Admin capabilities

Ouroboros was built with the intention to streamline a hackathon event process from application to day-of-event features for both participants and organizers. We also wanted to collect more data to improve the amount and distribution of food and shirts to cater to everyone's needs.

Competitive Analysis


Typeform is a service company that specializes in online form building and online surveys. We have been using their services for the past few years, but along with MailChimp, there were too many services that were not interconnected. The application process would require us to manually switch between Typeform and other platforms. This process took up time and held potential for human-based error.

One redeeming quality of Typeform is that it is accessible to use and clean in design. Yet aside from templates, its customization ability is very limited.


Quill is a registration system designed by the HackMIT team. We forked this system and tried using it, however, it lacked the customization features that we were looking for.

One important aspect to Quill is that it was easy to manage and deploy. If were were to create a successful system, we would need the same quality of documentation and a clean codebase to make it reusable.

Phase 1: Design

Pattern Design

Design Comps