Hammes Filter Subscription Service

An AC filter subscription service to help private homeowners reduce property costs

Timeframe: February – May 2020

Role: Designer & Front-end Lead

Tools: Figma, React, SASS, Flask

01 Project Context

AC units require regular filter changes to preserve their lifespan. However, as temporary residents, tenants are less motivated to perform upkeep on their unit. Creating an online system to regularly deliver filters when needed will help ensure that filter replacement is performed on time.

Problem Statement

How can we help private homeowners increase the lifespan of AC units to reduce costs to maintain their properties?

02 Research

Primary Research & Findings

Secondary Research

03 Concept Development


I created two personas to highlight some goals and pain points from homeowners and tenants, our primary users.

Klaus, a private homeowner for 10+ years

Manfred, a college student renting from Klaus

User Stories

In addition to the personas, I developed user stories to guide the product concept and listed primary features needed for basic functionality.

  1. As a homeowner, I want to manage all my homes on a single platform
  2. As a homeowner, I want to send each property different hardware
  3. As a homeowner, I want to verify that my tenants have replaced their filter
  4. As a homeowner, I want to have a purchase history for each home to record costs

04 Wireframing

User Flow Diagram

Different paths that the user can take when interacting with the application

Low-fidelity Prototypes

Each set of wireframes below illustrates one of the major user paths that can be taken.

Initially logging in, signing up for an account

Adding a new home to the account and purchasing a subscription

Viewing homes that have been added to the account

05 Visual Design

Component Library

High-fidelity Prototypes

06 Testing & Validation

Usability Tests

Several of our users included positive comments about having a clean UI, but wanting additional features. Some direct quotes from these interviews can be found below:

Key Takeaways

There is need to expand this application for both the benefit of homeowners and tenants. These additions should include shipping additional products outside of air filters and improving communication between the homeowner and their tenants. The additional features requested by users during the interviews should be tested for future implementation to create a more holistic product that helps homeowners reduce costs across their properties.

For future projects, I would like to be able to test several ideas with users before commiting to a solution.