I worked as a full-stack developer for an iOS application, created wireframes for the application, and designed the user interface. I worked primarily with Swift, CocoaPods, and Google Firebase.

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Software Team Lead


Sept 2017 to May 2017


The goal of the project is to allow the user to interact with their plants by documenting their progress and recording data through an app. We want to teach the user about agriculture as they grow their plant using trivia games and a FAQ chabot.


One part of the app allows the user to store information about multiple plants that they are growing. A profile is created for each plant and the user can look up data and adjust environment conditions for a certain plant, such as its light source.

When I first proposed the storyboard for the BitGrange app, I had reservations about my designs. But because our target demographic is children, I decided that BitGrange needed to be fun and animated.


The project is currently waiting on hardware to complete the IoT connection.